Arkratos is an innovative Blockchain solutions & development company head quartered in Singapore.



To replace legacy inefficient technologies with innovative blockchain based solutions.



Our focus is to provide latest blockchain based technology solutions to help businesses increase transparency, eliminate operational inefficiencies and build trust within their business ecosystem.

Company Background

We are a blockchain solutions lab – an end to end innovative all-in-one Blockchain solutions and development company founded in Singapore in the beginning of 2017. Our first product, KRATOS™ is a blockchain based platform for the Physical Commodity trading industry. The founders have experience across many industries like Banking & Finance, Education, E-Governance, Healthcare, Insurance, Sustainability & Traceability. Presence of a deep and vast in-house knowledge pool helps to dig deep into underlying core issues and create solutions & products to address these issues.

Group capital:
US$230 million
Group Revenue:
US$2 billion
Operations in over
15 countries across Asia,
Africa and Europe
Over 100 years of collective
experience and expertise in
international Physical
Commodities Trading
A significant presence in the
international commodities
trading ecosystem


The Arkratos team has significant experience in delivering large scale global services platforms in the financial, telecoms and mobile content industry, with a proven track record managing and delivering some of the world’s largest mobile network operator platforms and services and architecting numerous financial series application solutions, security and anti-fraud models.

Arkratos offers complete set of blockchain services using its world class blockchain lab facility in Singapore.

Blockchain Product Development
Arkratos intend to enhance your current processes using innovative blockchain solutions by streamlining- Verification, Cryptography, Automation, Trust-shifting etc.
Smart Contract Development
We offer full suite of smart contract development depending on the product and solution architecture. Our solidity programmers can leverage the blockchain solution using smart contracts.
Transform your Business Idea to a successful Business plan; We are there to help you in every stage of planning & execution of the right Tokenization strategy.
Whitepaper Advisory
Read-through and studying of whitepaper. Getting it reviewed from our professionals and advisors bringing true collaboration and help organization to strategize future-proof businesses.


KRATOS™ is a blockchain based platform connecting all participants across the commodities ecosystem 24x7 globally. KRATOS™ acts as a single source of truth where distributed version of all documentation (such as controlled physical copy scan, digital bills, letter of credits & shipping documents) is shared and visible to all involved participants of a trade in real time.

The concept protects buyers, sellers, traders, banks, insurance and logistics from fraudulent transactions and other unwarranted trade risks, thereby significantly transforming and enhancing international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle.

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